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Finding a Work/Family Balance

One of the most stressful parts of being a working parent is having a healthy work/family balance. It’s hard for a busy parent not to wonder if they truly are making enough time to spend with family. A quality childcare center will acknowledge that being away from your child is extremely difficult but that doesn’t mean you […]

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Raising a Confident Reader

As parents and teachers we recognize the importance that reading skills play in our personal and professional lives. We read on a daily basis, and as a matter of fact you are reading as we speak. Once your child hits the appropriate development level to being reading, putting together a reading plan can make later […]

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Infant Sign Language

Are there benefits to teaching your child baby sign language? Although some studies point to increased intellectual development, the primary benefit of using baby sign language is decreased frustration for both you, your daycare provider, and your baby. Babies can use sign language to communicate their wants and needs long before they begin using words. Premier Academy daycare introduces infants […]

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Understanding Quality Childcare

These days, parents have so many different options when it comes to childcare. Parents can choose from childcare centers, home care providers, nannies, non-profit programs, state-funded programs, and so many others. There is a variety of titles for these services, including childcare, daycare, preschool, or early childhood education. Are these terms interchangeable? And how do they differ in terms of […]

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Have a Picky Eater? We Can Help!

How to Deal with Children who are Picky Eaters Dealing with picky eaters is one of the most common struggles parents and teachers at your childcare center have. Does this sound familiar to you? Your toddler takes a few bites of food and says she’s “done” You can stock your fridge and shelves full but your little […]

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Teaching Your Children About Friendship

Some children are born social butterflies, intuitively understanding the art of making and keeping friends. Other children need a bit more support. Many children are naturally quiet or reserved and may not know how to start a conversation. Others need help in reading social cues, sharing toys, or taking conversational turns. No matter where children […]