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What We Do:

For those looking for quality toddler care in Omaha and Elkhorn Nebraska, Premier Academy offers an excellent solution.

With over 40 years of combined experience, our staff is well prepared to care for your child or children in a secure and safe environment where toddlers not only enjoy their stay but also learn important skills. When you choose us as your toddler child care, your child receives a total child care growth curriculum that allows him or her to grow and learn during this special period of their life in which overall development is so important.

Our highly skilled staff includes many who have advanced degrees in Early Childhood Education. They will care for and instruct your child in topics that are essential for his or her development. This quality childcare at Premier Academy will be a rewarding experience for your child that is fun, enjoyable and educational, and it is also very affordable for those living on a budget.

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Our Program:

Our Toddler Care programs have been designed to meet specific needs of preschool-aged children and meets all safety regulations. Our toddler daycare program includes:

  • Strong, positive, secure relationships
  • Emotional and social development
  • Social Skills
  • Communication Skills

At our childcare facility, your child will learn classrooms that are specifically designed to create learning opportunities which encourage learning about his or her environment. Social skills are practiced on a daily basis which helps them to adapt better to preschool.

We also encourage your child to take part in our sign language class which is practiced every day. This not only expands their learning base but also helps them to understand that people have different needs.

We could not be the best childcare facility in Omaha and Elkhorn without encouraging physical activity. Your child will spend time outdoors (weather permitting) each day. This allows them to have fun, get exercise, and develop their social skills as they learn to play and interact with one another.

Our West Omaha day care and our Elkhorn day care both have a 5,000 square foot outdoor playground that offers your child a natural outdoor educational experience. At our child care facility we also offer your child dedicated areas for large motor play, creative arts, blocks, and dramatic play.

If you are looking for affordable childcare, our facility is the place to be. Cheap childcare does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Contact Premier Academy Childcare to learn more on how we can help you meet your needs, meet the needs of your child and do all of this at a price that you can afford. Why not come see why we are one of the best toddler child care facilities in Omaha and Elkhorn, Nebraska.

If you have questions, please give us a call and we will be happy to answer. Don’t spend more for less. Visit or call us today.

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