A child blows bubbles for fun on the sidewalk outside. She’s dressed in a pink sweatshirt and a blue with white polka dots gilet over it.

Helping Your Child Master the Skill of Playing Alone

Playing alone is an important step toward independence. However, many children are reluctant to go out on their own, so a little coaxing may be in order.

An article from the What to Expect website, Teaching Toddlers Independent Play, suggests four ways to help your child make this important transition.

  1. Show him what to do
  2. Enforce boundaries
  3. Don’t desert him
  4. Give it time

As a parent, there is nothing better than spending time with your children. However, there are times when you need to get things done so you need your child to entertain himself. While guilt often creeps in when you want – or need – time to yourself, independent play is good for children and a necessary skill for long-term happiness.

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