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Premier Academy Preschool Child Care

Premier Academy is dedicated to the complete development of your child.

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Is my child ready to attend school?

The most common question that parents of preschool and pre-k kids ask of teachers, “What does my child need to know to go to school?” and “Is my child ready for Kindergarten?” Rest assured you are not alone. Research shows that children who attend high-quality childcare programs and are allowed to be active learners and most importantly, get to PLAY are well-prepared for school.

There’s a reason we call it our “Enrichment Center”:

Our teachers are dedicated to helping to enrich the lives of your children during the crucial formative years. The experiences they have in their early education can set the stage for how they feel about learning and education later in their school careers. Why not get them started on the right foot? We help you do just that. Our preschool curriculum helps your children develop the kind of strong, secure relationships that are so important to their social and emotional well-being.

Our Classrooms:

Our classrooms are designed to provide your children with myriad opportunities for play-based learning. We understand that kids want to be kids, and our program capitalizes on a child’s love of play to present learning opportunities to them. Premier Academy provides separate areas for each of our “centers,” including the Dramatic Play Center, Blocks Center, Large Motor Center, and the Creative Arts Center. We also believe in the importance of introducing young children to the joys of books and reading, and to facilitate that we have on on-site library. During the course of the school day, our students get a chance to play in each of these stations.

We also consider the outdoors to be one of our classrooms! Each day (weather permitting) our students enjoy time in the outdoors to explore nature, get fresh air, and just have fun! In the spring, our students get involved with things like planting a vegetable garden and viewing butterflies.

It’s all in the name of learning through play!

Premier Academy helps prepare your child for school

School readiness is about more than what children know. Kindergarten teachers describe successful children as being: healthy, rested, and well fed, able to pay attention, follow directions and communicate their thoughts and needs without being disruptive, curious and enthusiastic about new activities, confident, cooperative, and able to practice age-appropriate self-control.

Social skills that are essential for academic success:

  • getting along with others (parents, teachers, and peers)
  • following directions
  • identifying and regulating one’s emotions and behavior
  • thinking of appropriate solutions to conflict
  • persisting on task
  • engaging in social conversation and cooperative play
  • correctly interpreting other’s behavior and emotions
  • feeling good about oneself and others

There are many things parents and teachers can do to help children be successful in school and in life: Promote good healthy habits by making sure children:

  • Follow a routine which includes a balanced diet and plenty of activity and rest
  • Encourage social and emotional well-being by giving children chances to:
    • Take care of own needs, such as dressing and toileting
    • Play with others, learning to share and cooperate
    • Express emotions in safe ways, learning to regulate own behaviors and reactions
    • Pay attention, make choices, and follow directions and rules

Support language and learning by giving children chances to:

  • Be read to every day and talk about words you see
  • Practice drawing, writing, and recognizing numbers, shapes, colors, letters, sounds and their own name
  • Work on a task until it’s done, with support as needed
  • Play! Children learn best when they’re having fun, so use games, toys, natural events and routines to teach, rather than using flashcards and worksheets

Premier Academy Curriculum:

The State of Nebraska has put out Early Learning Guidelines to address the seven domains of development. These guidelines are designed to provide parents, teachers and caregivers a road map for helping and supporting the development and learning of our young children. At Premier Academy, we work within these guidelines to create a preschool curriculum that includes meaningful activities that will help your children develop in each of these seven areas.

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Want to See More?

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