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Our child care programs are designed for infants from 6 weeks to children 10 years of age. Drop by for a personal tour of our Omaha or Elkhorn Nebraska childcare facility. Everyone is welcome!

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Contact us today to schedule a tour at one of our two amazing facilities.

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A Few Words About Premier Academy

Premier Academy has more than 40 years of experience in the child care industry. We’re dedicated to providing your children with a safe, fun, stimulating, and structured environment. Our infant child care, toddler child care, preschool child care, and pre-K child care programs are designed to promote the all-important social and emotional growth and development that is so critical during your child’s formative years. And best of all, we know how to have fun all the while! Because what’s the point of being a child if you can’t have a little fun?

Why You Can Trust Us

We know how difficult it can be to entrust your child – whether an infant, a toddler or a preschool-age child – into the care of a stranger. At Premier Academy, we believe that child care is about more than just babysitting. It’s about offering the best quality childcare possible.

A Message From Us to You During These Times

We at Premier Academy know the struggles families are facing during the pandemic and remain committed to our pursuit of providing children a safe place full of learning.

We’re Open Omaha!

This year has been tough but Premier Academy remains dedicated to serving the families of our community in the safest way possible.

How We Protect Your Family

The Zono Sanitech. Just One of the Many Way We Keep Your Family Safe!

What Parents Are Saying

“I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for creating such a warm & inviting, creative & educational place for my family. Not only did my kids get a lot out of your daycare by being taught through play, they also felt very accepted. And we as parents always felt comfortable talking to the teachers or the director or you. We all really miss going to your daycare. If it hadn’t been for our move, we would still be there. Thanks for allowing us a spot! Take care and let all the teachers know how much we appreciated them!”

Amanda L

“My name is Tiffany Villotta and my son Bode attends your Maple Street location. I just want to share our story with you because it is a great one. Bode was in a daycare elsewhere and it was a nightmare! I started calling around to find a new center and came across Premier Academy. I first talked to Jessica. Can I just say, Amazing! She was so wonderful and helpful! Bode was placed in Miss Gina and Miss Kathy’s classroom. Just when I thought things couldn’t get better… they did! These two ladies embraced Bode and we can’t thank them enough. We are so grateful for how much he has excelled in the 5 months he has been at your facility. Bode has a speech delay so he doesn’t talk as well as most children his age which can be challenging! We can’t say enough wonderful praises about your staff. We are so thankful that Jessica, Miss Gina, and Miss Kathy are in our lives!”

Scott and Tiffany Villotta

“Excellent, professional staff! As first-time parents, finding a daycare where we felt comfortable was an exhaustive process. We finally decided on Premier Academy because of their immaculate facilities, professional and courteous staff, and flexibility. We started part-time at 3 days a week, but when we needed to unexpectedly move to full-time it was a non-issue. The ladies in the young infant room are so accommodating with our specific instructions and they seemed to genuinely enjoy taking care and playing with all the children. We were sad to have to move out of state, and hope we can find a place we enjoyed as much as Premier Academy.”


“Our son has been going to Premier Academy for the last 18 months and we love it! It is comforting to take him to a place that we can tell genuinely cares about him. He is greeted by name by each person that works there every morning. He is always learning new things, They do educational games and activities every day. They have daily sheets that they send home, so that you know what they did that day. The center is always kept very clean. We would recommend this daycare to anyone with young children.”


“My daughter has been at Premier Academy since they first opened. We absolutely love the teachers and management. The assistant director, Christina, is an amazing person. She has always made it known that my daughters safety, education and happiness is the most important part of her job. Premier Academy has great educational programs for every individual classroom. I am amazed at the things they are able to teach my daughter every week. I completely trust the Premiere Academy staff with my daughter and have recommended them to several of my friends.”


“My son has been attending Premier Academy for almost a year now. I am so please with the things that he has learned since he started there. The teachers are dedicated to showing the children the right things to do and are dedicated to the safety of all the children. Every day they are learning something different. And the artwork that they make has filled my fridge and walls I love seeing all the ideas that the teachers come up with for the different holidays. The assistant director, Christina is amazing and has helped tremendously, if I ever have any questions she can always give me the answers. My son obviously cannot talk and tell me what he would like. But with the sign language that they have taught him at Premier Academy he is able to communicate with me. He is excited to go to daycare in the mornings so that he is able to play with his friends and to learn new adventures. I am excited to see what is to come next as he grows older.”


“My kids have learned so much while at this school, I’m so proud of them every day. They are always coming home with new crafts, and things to tell me about. This is so much better than day care; this is truly a learning place for my kids.”


“I’m sorry to say I’ m leaving Premier, it has been a wonderful experience for both me and my kids. But a move if forcing us to leave, I wish I could just take the teachers with me. Thank you again for all the help, and love you have given us over our time with you.”


“This is such a great place for our son to learn and grow. He just loves attending pre-school there and has been there for a little over a year. The teachers are very attentive and and the rest of the staff is just wonderful. I wouldn’t change where my son goes to daycare for anything!”


“My two children have been going to Premier Academy since Nov ’10. The owner & teachers seem to genuinely care. They have a great learning program for infants through pre-k with learn through play approach. They do a terrific job keeping the place clean. I feel that my kids are safe and well taken care of. I would absolutely recommend this daycare. I am glad we made the switch.”


“A special little place! Being a new mom and looking for daycare a little later than most parents, I was pleasantly surprised to find Premier Academy! Understanding the concerns of a new mom and the sometimes difficult adjustment of new kids, the owner and staff put my fears to rest by always being patient, available, respectful, and friendly. In less than two weeks I was able to notice amazing changes in my son’s development and I’m excited about what’s to come. Plus, the facility is always neat and clean which is amazing knowing all the constant messes that kids can make. This truly is a special little place and I would recommend it to any parent looking for a professional daycare service with a family feel! – A very happy mom!”


We believe you and your child will love Premier Academy so much that we’re willing to take all the risk through our Premier Academy guarantee.

After you enroll, if you become dissatisfied with our service for any reason, we will refund up to one month’s tuition, no questions asked.

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