independent child play

Independent Play is Healthy for Children – and Good for Everyone

The ability for a child to lose themselves in play brings with it many advantages. Child development experts tell us that these children have an increased capacity to solve problems and are better able to persevere, focus, and deal with frustration. They also are more imaginative and creative.

Why Your Child Should Engage in Independent Play

Open-ended and independent play is one of the things that can build all the skills and tools necessary for kids to grow into successful and sufficient adults. 

How to Encourage Your Toddler to Play Independently

Fostering solo play is vital to the growth and development of your little one and it doesn’t mean you’re slacking or ignoring your kid to get things done.

Why Independent Play is Vital for Raising Empowered Children

All children are born with the capacity, and the drive, to get lost in their imagination. But our culture is slowly knocking this type of play.