Is Your Toddler Talking Back?

One of the biggest discipline issues parents must deal with is a child who talks back to them. Whatever the cause of back talk, it is important to nip this behavior in the bud and teach children how to express their feelings respectfully.

An article from, How to Handle a Child Who is Talking Back, provides tips to help parents struggling with how to deal with this very frustrating – albeit common – issue.

  1. Stay composed
  2. Establish Expected Behavior
  3. Enforce Consequences
  4. Dig Deeper
  5. Look for Patterns
  6. Give and Ask for Respect
  7. Monitor What Your Child Sees
  8. Praise Good Behavior
  9. Take a Step Back
  10. Seek Help

As frustrating and upsetting as backtalk may be, keep in mind that the calmer you remain, the better role model you will be for your child to express his or her opinion calmly, as well.

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