If you are the parent of a shy or introverted child you may worry that your child may never make friends or relax in social situations. While you can’t make a child not be shy, you can help that child feel more comfortable interacting with other people, including their peers.

Will Your Shy Child Make FriendsAn article from PBS Parents, Helping Your Child Make New Friends, offers some advice on how to help a shy child who struggles with making friends come out of his or her shell. Here are some of the tips contained in the article:

    1. Talk about or brainstorm qualities that make a good friend
    1. Help your child understand how to start and maintain conversations
  1. Organize activities with other children

According to the article, it is also important not to put too much pressure on your child, realizing that some children are simply more outgoing than others. Friendship skills evolve even into adulthood so patience is key.

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