If you are a parent of more than one child, chances are you spend a lot of time dealing with sibling rivalry. While you may feel like your children fight more than others, the truth is that sibling rivalry and bickering is extremely common. In fact, even siblings who are extremely close argue from time to time.

While you will probably never be able to completely eliminate sibling rivalry, an article from, 8 Ways to Manage Sibling Fighting and Rivalry, lists some ways to navigate sibling conflict.

  1. Teach kids how to hand conflict in a positive manner
  2. Cast sibling harmony as important for the whole family
  3. Step in
  4. Listen to each side
  5. Make respect a non-negotiable rule
  6. Encourage kids to get specific and state the problem
  7. Ask the child to suggest some solutions
  8. Model good problem-solving behavior

With a little bit of insight and a lot of patience, you can achieve a peaceful home – most of the time – remembering that some sibling rivalry is unavoidable.

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