Teaching Healthy Eating Habits and Positive Body ImageGetting your child to talk about their day can be challenging. But it’s important to talk with your kids about their day, every day, to stay connected and offer encouragement.

Parents often ask questions kids can answer with a word or two. Asking questions that begin with who, what, when, where, why and how isn’t just a good journalism tool. When you ask questions that begin with the five Ws and one H, you encourage more than a yes or no response from your child.

  1. What Was the Best Part of Your Day?
    This question is asked around dinner tables everywhere on a daily basis. Don’t drill kids about their day. The easiest way to get kids to open up about their day is to talk about your day with your spouse or partner when kids can hear you. By listening to you share details of your day; kids will learn how to share their own favorite events.
  2. Who Did You Talk With at Lunch Today?
    Your child may sit at the same lunch table at school every day, but may not always engage in conversations with the same friends. Kids often discuss the day’s happenings at lunch. Asking who your child talked with encourages conversation about the day.
  3. Are They Still Serving Slop for Lunch
    Instead of asking your child what he had for lunch, ask a funny question. It will make your child laugh, but also encourage him to talk about school.
  4. Where Did You Play After School?
    Asking where your child played opens up the topic of what your child was doing after school, who they played with and what they did.
  5. What Was Your Favorite Toy Today?
    Play is a big part of a young child’s day. Asking your child about his favorite toy will help him talk about who he played with and what they did together.
  6. How is Emma?
    Asking about a specific friend. Your child’s day is a huge piece of time in their life.  This helps your child narrow the day down to smaller chunks of time.
  7. How Did You Like That Book?
    What was your favorite part of the book? Who was your favorite character in the book? Asking your child about a book they brought home from the library or read during school will encourage them to talk what they liked and disliked about the book.
  8. What Did Your Best Friend Bring for Lunch Today?
    Did you want to switch lunches with her? Talking about lunch will encourage your child to offer suggestions for future lunches.
  9. What Was Your Favorite Class Today? Why?
    This is a good way to get your child to talk about a specific class. By asking both what and why, your child will reveal more details.
  10. What Was Your Biggest Challenge Today? How Did You Resolve It?
    Again, asking two questions opens the door to more conversation about the subject than just asking one question.

By asking more specific questions and using the five Ws and one H, your child will be more likely to share details of his day at school or day care. By opening up about your own day at work, you serve as your child’s role model.

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