kid bed

Moving a child from a crib to a “big kid” bed is a rite of passage some parents would prefer to put off as long as possible. After all, nothing is more comforting than placing your child in their crib knowing they can’t escape.

Of course, eventually your child will outgrow their crib, will master the art of climbing out of it, or other circumstances – such as the arrival of a new sibling – will necessitate the big move.

Whatever the reason for moving your child from their crib to a bed, there are some common mistakes parents make that cause the transition to be more difficult for everyone involved. An article from Café Mom, 5 Mistakes Moms Make When Moving Toddlers from Crib to Bed & How to Avoid Them, highlights the biggest blunders that can derail the process.

  1. Switching to a bed too soon
  2. Not fully childproofing
  3. Not explaining the “new bed” to your toddler
  4. Keeping the same bedtime
  5. Being inconsistent

While some children will take to their new bed without missing a beat, most will require a period of adjustment. And so will you! The key is to be patient and take heart knowing that eventually, you will both be sleeping soundly through the night once again!

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