Why Young Children and Competitive Sports Don’t Mix

Playing sports benefits children in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, many parents move too fast when it comes to placing their children on competitive sports teams, putting undue pressure on children and parents. It is important to remember that when it comes to physical fitness the focus should always be on having fun and learning new skills. And don’t worry, there will always be time for competitive sports as your child grows and expresses an interest. 

When Should Your Child Start Playing Sports?


Many parents are eager to get their kids playing sports at a young age. However, pushing your child when they are too young can be frustrating for you and your child alike. 

Is My Child Ready for Team Sports?


We know that kids need to be active to be healthy but making sure that your child is active doesn’t have to involve organized sports.

Are Kids Sports Becoming Too Competitive?


Many children simply don’t have fun playing sports anymore. Here’s a plan to reverse the “adultification” of youth athletics.

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