The good news is that homeschooling has ended for most families around the country so the pressure to keep kids on track academically has lessened a bit. The bad news? Kids are bored and many summer camps that once kept them occupied and entertained are canceled. What’s a parent to do?

An article in USA TODAY, No Summer Camp? No Problem. Here are 5 Ways to Re-Create the Experience for Kids Stuck at Home, gives advice from camp counselors from across the nation about how to adapt to the current situation. These counselors have the following suggestions for keeping kids challenged and happy this summer.

  1. Take it outside. No matter what you are doing, if it can be done outdoors, do it outdoors.
  2. Make new friends but keep the distance. Pen pals are a great way for kids to get to know kids they have never met – just like they would during summer camps.
  3. Keep groups small, even on Zoom. Trying to hold a Zoom call with 30 other kids doesn’t allow for a lot of interaction. The smaller the group, the better.
  4. Use what you already have. At camp, kids are free to create on their own. Take a cue from that and use things you already have in your home to allow kids to build and play. Pillow and blanket forts are an example.
  5. Just keep them busy. Stop stressing over what they are doing and just get them doing. This includes things like simple craft projects and talking long walks.

Summer camps are about exploring and having fun. Thankfully, these are things kids can do in their very own homes!

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