With 70% of mothers working outside of the home, the search for the perfect childcare center is something a majority of parents will undertake at some point. One search of the internet will uncover the pros and cons of almost every childcare option out there.

One thing such searches rarely address, however, is what every great childcare center has in common. An exception is an article from babylist.com, 8 Important Signs of a Great Daycare. This article talks about what sets good childcare apart from great childcare.

Signs of a Great Childcare Center

  1. Stellar reviews
  2. A caring, stimulating environment with happy kids
  3. An interesting and varied schedule or curriculum
  4. Qualified caregivers who really care
  5. Safety, safety, safety
  6. Low child-to-caregivers ratio and low employee turnover
  7. Established policies and consistent rules
  8. Licensed

When it comes down to it, the best daycares have the magical combination of meeting your family’s unique checklist while and making you feel secure and happy to leave your child there every day.

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