While cold, snowy winter weather may seem like the end of outdoor learning and exploration, that is not the case. Winter weather can help children appreciate nature in new and different ways and the change of scenery offers a new perspective on the world around them. While this type of weather may require a little more effort, it is well worth it!

Bundle Up and Get Outside: Why Kids Should Play Outdoors in the Winter


It is up to adults to focus on the importance of children’s play, regardless of the season. After all, play should not be restricted to warm weather.

Why Our Kids Are Going to Play Outside This Winter, and Yours Should Too, According to Science


You can’t just push your kids out the door when it’s freezing cold or snowing. But with a bit of extra effort, the outdoors in winter can be as enjoyable and beneficial for kids as the warmer seasons.

Why It’s Important for Children to Play Outside in Winter


It may be tempting to hide inside until the weather warms up, but outdoor play is essential for your children’s well-being all year long.

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