Building Healthy Parent-Teacher RelationshipsIf your kids attend daycare, it can be tempting to drop them off in the morning and hit the ground running. But it’s worth sticking around for a few extra minutes to get to know the other parents.

  1. Mingle on the First Day
    The first day of daycare is the day for children, as well as parents, to be introduced to their peers. Take a few minutes in introduce yourself to fellow parents and form relationships of your own. Let your boss know you’ll be a little late to work that morning and take a few extra minutes to exchange phone numbers and emails and leave a good impression on the other parents.
  2. Form Parent Groups
    Take control and make plans with the other parents. Ask the group or just one parent to share a cup of coffee at drop-off time or sit and talk after pick-up while the kids play. Working parents can meet after work for a playdate, giving the parents the opportunity to have social time of their own.
  3. Volunteer
    Whether it’s assisting in a bake sale, setting up decorations before a party or chaperoning a trip, getting involved with the daycare center by volunteering is a great way to get to know other parents.
    Participating in supportive activities creates leadership and partnership opportunities and helps your child to see your commitment to their early education.
  4. Utilize Social Networks
    Social networking can help further friendships between parents beyond the child care center. Create a group on Facebook for your child’s day care parents to join. Use it to exchange notes, share ideas and express concerns.
  5. Virtual friendships are perfect for checking in during a busy day, but also provide a base for which parents can make plans to meet and spend time together when the schedules permit.
  6. Help One Another Out
    When you’re in a bind, having someone to call can be invaluable. These day care parental connections can be a lifesaver. But remember, it’s a two-way street! Offer to have other parents’ kids over twice a month, so that they can have some alone time. Or start a phone tree with other parents, so that everyone always has someone to call if the babysitter cancels or something unexpected comes up.

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