7 Play Based Learning Activities to Do With Your ChildHomemade games are fun to make and will be treasured for years to come. We love sharing our favorite DIY game ideas for all preschoolers.

Fall time is the perfect time for family play time. At Premier Academy, we teach kids to make a classic game that is both easy and fun to do. The children will treasure the homemade games for years to come. They make great Christmas presents, too.

The DIY game ideas include building a pinball machine. The kids will love to learn about angels and their positions to aim the ball to various directions. Farkle is another classic dice game that can be easily put together. It teaches essential math skills, too. Buying multiple sets of dice and placing them inside cute tins with instructions make great Christmas presents for relatives and friends.

Making a collection of mazes out of empty CD cases is another ingenious idea. All one needs are a few sticky sticks and tiny balls and ready is the miniature labyrinth perfect for a fun afternoon at home.

Making a tic tac toe board out of rocks, building a giant game board to play various classic childhood games, and creating a felt shape kit for endless imaginary play are only a few of the many tips this week.

Another fun idea is making sensory bins. Sensory bins are perfect for exploring preschoolers that love to experience new things. The various bins are great tools to develop senses and provide motor skill play time.

The sensory bin ideas include board game bins, a pirate themed bin, a valentine bin, a winter themed bin, a firefighter bin, and an ocean bin. The snow bin and the earth bin will be among the kids’ favorite. All bins are super easy to set up and will allow for hours of creative, imaginary play time with a purpose.

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