7 Play Based Learning Activities to Do With Your Child

7 Play Based Learning Activities to Do With Your ChildThe first day can be hard on both parents and children. For many, it’s the first time that they will have been away from each other for such an extended period of time. Even though many kids will be excited for their first day of preschool, it is important to know that new experiences can bring some apprehensions.

Approaching them the right way will allow both children and parents to feel comfortable with the transition into preschool. Here are a few tips to prepare for the first day of preschool.

  1.  Provide Expectations
    Before the first day, explain social concepts such as waiting in line, teach body parts and count objects in your environment. This knowledge will give your child more confidence for the first day
  2.  Set on Schedule
    Practice wake-up time the week before. Setting the alarm for when your child will need to wake for preschool before will help them get used to the new schedule. If the time is much earlier than normal, your preschooler may need bedtime adjusted earlier as well.
  3.  Visualize the Day
    Thinking about what might come next for school will help your child to feel more empowered and less likely to be upset by surprises on the first day.
  4.  Be Early
    Drop off your preschooler a few minutes early, to allow for one-on-one time with the teacher and time to get acquainted with the room when it’s still calm and quiet, says Adair.
  5.  Communicate
    After the first day has gone by, prepare kids for the next one by asking your child to report back to you after the first day.
  6.  Plan the Night Before
    Rather than rushing in the morning to pack lunches and pick out clothes, have your preschooler help you with these tasks the night before.
  7.  Take a Field Trip
    Get them as familiar with their new school as possible by scheduling a tour or any other options the school may offer. Maybe attend special events that the preschool is holding or schedule a play date with a fellow student who lives nearby.

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