The amount of time kids spend in front of screens can cause significant anxiety – for their parents. Many parents are turning to screen time limits to keep kids from spending too much time on electronics. 

According to an article from the website VeryWellFamily, not all screen time is created equal, however. A Parent’s Guide to Setting Screen Time Limits notes that neither an outright ban on screen time nor unlimited use is the answer.

“The reality is we need to be flexible in setting rules, taking into account the purposes, timing, and benefits of the electronic devices our children use,” the article states. “As kids grow, they change and so does the technology. Parents have to be ready to make new rules or modify old ones when change happens, but keep that guiding principle of balance in mind as you readjust your family’s rules.”

Finally, one of the best ways to limit screen time is to make sure kids have the opportunity to do other, more hands-on activities to instill a desire for creativity and independent play. Doing so is the first and best defense against too much screen time.

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