If your child gets anxious when severe weather threatens, being proactive is essential to calm their fears. The more children (and adults) know about unpredictable events such as thunderstorms and tornadoes, the more secure they will feel when they occur. Therefore, take the time to explain to your child what happens during thunderstorms and tornadoes on a level they can understand.

An article from Kids First Community, Helping Children Overcome Their Fear of Storms, suggest ways you can help your child cope with a fear of thunderstorms, tornadoes and other types of weather emergencies. One way is to make sure that your child does not see you panicking when severe weather is on the horizon. It also emphasizes the fact that children who have been directly impacted by a natural disaster or damaging storm be able to talk about their experience.

Finally, one of the worst things even the most well-meaning parents can do is to dismiss their child’s fears or scold them for getting upset. Instead, be empathetic and understanding and let them know that you will be here for them no matter what Mother Nature brings.

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