Top 5 Read Articles of 2020

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As 2020 draws to a close we wanted to take a look back and remember the top 5 articles as suggested by our readers.

1. Seven Play Based Learning Activities to Do With Your Child

Each time you play, you are adding another building block of learning.  So have fun and enjoy the time with your little one.  To get you started here are seven play-based learning activities to do with your child.

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2. Importance of School Readiness

Learning some “school skills” like lining up and raising hands before transitioning to school will certainly help make the transition to formal schooling easier; however, the best way to prepare your kids to enter school is giving them the chance to fully explore and experiment in an environment with caring adults who guide, support, and extend their learning. 

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3. Tips for a Smooth Morning Routine for Daycare

Many of us charge off with our to-do lists in hand, thinking that when everything is done (which it never is) we can enjoy life. But what we do every day is life. Our ability to step in time with our children amid the everyday stuff, such as getting out of the house in the morning, takes some organization and a lot of patience. Using these tips for establishing a morning routine can help you get it done.

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4. Six Benefits of a Consistent Routine for Kids and Families

Research has shown that children, especially young children, benefit from a sense of structure. While there are many reasons why children need a routine, parenting experts say that the most important one is that a consistent routine for kids helps them to feel secure.

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5. Choosing Between a Montessori or Play-Based Preschool

Many parents wonder whether a preschool that uses the Montessori method is the right choice for their child of if a play-based approach is best.

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