Learning to get dressed on their own builds a child’s confidence and gives them a sense of achievement. And once your child can get dressed independently, it makes your life easier. Unfortunately, the process is not always an easy one and it can be difficult to know if you are pushing too hard or not hard enough. Thankfully, there are ways to help your child gain this bit of independence – without stressing everyone out in the process.

How to Teach a Kid to Get Dressed Alone


Teaching kids to get dressed on their own is only hard if you try. In other words, allowing your kids to struggle a little bit is a good thing.

When Do Kids Learn to Dress Themselves? The Developmental Progression of Self-Dressing Skills


Little kids really CAN do a lot for themselves when given appropriate opportunities, instruction, and expectations!

Why Kids Fight Getting Dressed


It is the question almost every parent asks: Why is getting children dressed such a nightmare, and when will the nightmare end?

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