Helping Children Make Friends

Helping Children Make FriendsDid you know that most camp planning takes place in early winter and spring? Just when you were getting over the holiday stress and still bundled in your Snuggie, you need to find the place for your child to get out of the house — um, we mean thrive — this summer.

If the thought of finding a camp just occurred to you, or you have just been putting off the research because you don’t know how to start, you’re not alone. Premier Academy has helpful tips to finding the best summer camp in Omaha, Nebraska.

The best time to visit camps is before the summer. You get to see what they’re all about and the community of kids who go,a youth and summer expert/consultant and founder of Everything Summer. So if you didn’t spend last summer touring, you’ll need to rely heavily on websites, camp reviews and discussions with camp staff and alumnae. Which means you need to know how to navigate sites, narrow down your options and ask the right questions for finding the best summer camp. And we’re here to help.

  1. Make it a Family Affair
    Before you surf the Web, think about your child’s favorite activities and interests and start a discussion at an informal family dinner. Talk with him about what new things he has always wanted to learn and what kinds of things get him stressed. He might not answer you then and there but check back in a few days and he’ll probably have an answer that will help start research for the best summer camp.
  2. Talk to Other Parents
    Ask friends and family where their kids had wonderful camp experiences. But ask the right questions to weed through all the glowing reviews. “Pose specific situations and parents will be honest,” says Tipograph.Talk about circumstances that concern you. Has your child ever been bullied and how did the camp handle it? If my daughter is shy or overweight, how will he be treated by other kids? What if my son is not the greatest athlete — will he have fun at the camp?
  3. Search Online
    Make a date to sit down at the computer with your child and research camps together. Keep a positive attitude and be enthusiastic about the process. With encouragement, even a reluctant child will channel your excitement. If you’re nervous, your child will be, too.
  4. Consider the Summer Goals
    Just because your niece flourished at an adventure camp doesn’t mean your daughter will do the same.Camps’ websites often have videos that allow you to get a sense of the relationships campers form and the flow of the days. Does it look like your child will fit in? Does the camp appear to be rustic or more pampered? Ask your daughter about her goals for camp. Maybe she wants to develop her sense of leadership and explore nature or maybe she wants to be able to draw and paint all day without breaking a sweat about finding the best summer camp.
  1. Talk to the Director
    The director is the person who should have all your camp answers. And you should be loaded with questions. A few things you want to know: Where most campers are from/go to school; dynamics of the kids in each age group; the kind of child who is most successful in that camp environment; the return rate. You don’t want to send your child to an environment that just replicates her school, states Tipograph. A good sign: If campers flock back year after year, it says something positive about how the camp is run.
  2. Make a Short List
    When you look at too many camps, it’s overwhelming and it’s easy to get frazzled. Tipograph suggests narrowing down your list to three distinctly-different camps. If your son’s goal is to stay local and work on his backhand, consider: a day camp with a traditional setting that offers tennis as an elective; a day camp that focuses on multiple sports and not just tennis so he won’t burn out; and a tennis-only camp. Once you have everything narrowed down, you need to meet as a family once again and review the choices.

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