Easing the Transition Back to School, Daycare and Work

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If you are like most families, the past few months have been spent together. From early in the morning until bedtime, most children have become accustomed to being with their parents all day, every day. Whether those parents were working from home, helping siblings with homework or doing the laundry, they were hardly ever more than down the hall or up the stairs from their children.

Parents Need to be Proactive with Severe Weather Anxiety in Children

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If your child gets anxious when severe weather threatens, being proactive is essential to calm their fears. The more children (and adults) know about unpredictable events such as thunderstorms and tornadoes, the more secure they will feel when they occur. Therefore, take the time to explain to your child what happens during thunderstorms and tornadoes on a level they can understand.

How Pre-K Programs Set Children Up for Success in Kindergarten and Beyond

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COVID-19 has parents across the country wondering what the upcoming school year will look like for their children. Locally, many preschool and pre-kindergarten programs have been canceled due to the pandemic. This includes the Omaha Public Schools Foundation Parent-Pay Pre-K Program.
These closings are unfortunate because young children who do not attend a Pre-K program are missing out on the many benefits they offer. Research has shown that Pre-K is an especially important year because it provides children with their initial exposure to school and can set the tone for their educational journey. In other words, these programs get kids off on the right foot.

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How to Soothe Weather-Related Anxiety in Children

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Tornadoes and thunderstorms are a common occurrence in the Midwest and causes weather-related anxiety. Children may experience high levels of stress in the spring and summer. And while it is true that fears surrounding severe weather usually decrease as a child gets older, parents can do more than just wait for their children to grow out of this common childhood fear.